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Policies, practice and procedures

Download information about safeguarding policies, practices and procedures.

TWSCB Neglect Strategy 2017 to 2019 (PDF)

Size: 367.09 KB

Domestic Abuse Strategy (PDF)

Size: 1.05 MB

Pre-birth pathway - April 2016 (PDF)

Size: 330.17 KB

Record Keeping Guidance (PDF)

Size: 231.78 KB

Faith Groups Consideration List (DOCX)

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TWSCB Annual Report 2017/18 (PDF)

Size: 1.24 MB

Early Help Strategy 2018 - 2020 (PDF)

Size: 695.12 KB

Briefing notes

Please download briefing notes to share learning information with practitioners.

Department for Education Guidance

Documents released by Department for Education to assist practitioners.

Information on the GLADE

GLADE leaflets

GLADE Leaflet for professionals (PDF)

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GLADE leaflet for clients (PDF)

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Accessing inter-agency training courses

Support for adult victims and survivors of Child Sexual Exploitation

Letter of explanation and questionnaire.

Referring a case for consideration of a Serious Case Review (SCR) or Learning Review

TWSCB Board minutes - 2018

TWSCB and TWSAB minutes 21.03.18 (PDF)

Size: 740.22 KB

TWSCB and TWSAB minutes 26.09.18 (PDF)

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Modern Slavery

Ollie account request forms

Joint TWSCB and TWSAB Charging & Cancellation Policy

Online Game briefing notes

National Working Group (NWG): Keeping Children Safe in Sport

NHS Child Protection - Information Sharing Newsletter