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TWSCB Board Minutes - 2017

Please download the minutes for the Board meetings held in 2017.

December 2017 (PDF)

Size: 540.8 KB

September 2017 (PDF)

Size: 474.81 KB

June 2017 (PDF)

Size: 421.86 KB

March 2017 (PDF)

Size: 464.57 KB

Serious Case Reviews (SCR)

In accordance with National Guidance we ensure all SCR’s are available to download for 12 months following publication.

Feeling your baby move is a sign that they are well.

NHS poster.

TWSCB Minutes - 2016

Please download the minutes for the Board meetings in 2016.

The minutes from the meetings will be published once agreed at the subsequent meeting.

December 2016 (PDF)

Size: 540.9 KB

September 2016 (PDF)

Size: 335.55 KB

June 2016 (PDF)

Size: 426.83 KB

April 2016 (PDF)

Size: 378.42 KB

January 2016 (PDF)

Size: 452.09 KB

Euro 2016 - West Mercia Police posters

Copies of the West Mercia Police 2016 posters to reduce the number of domestic abuse incidents which occur during the sporting event.

Blow the Whistle (PDF)

Size: 1.63 MB

Kick Off (PDF)

Size: 691.56 KB

Our Goal (PDF)

Size: 675.69 KB

Branches work for Mental Health Awareness Week

Kooth services

Kooth downloads

Kooth flyer (PDF)

Size: 158.43 KB


Full promotional pack for the #BeCyberSafe campaign

Promotional image 1 (JPG)

Size: 47.66 KB

Promotional image 2 (JPG)

Size: 45.56 KB

Promotional image 3 (JPG)

Size: 48.47 KB

Promotional image 4 (JPG)

Size: 44.72 KB

Promotional image 5 (JPG)

Size: 68.69 KB

Promotional image 6 (JPG)

Size: 38.87 KB

Website content guide (DOC)

Size: 30.5 KB

Referring a case for consideration of a Serious Case Review (SCR) or Learning Review

TWSCB Board minutes - 2018

TWSCB and TWSAB minutes 21.03.18 (PDF)

Size: 740.22 KB

TWSCB and TWSAB minutes 26.09.18 (PDF)

Size: 191.5 KB

Modern Slavery

Ollie account request forms

Joint TWSCB and TWSAB Charging & Cancellation Policy

Online Game briefing notes

National Working Group (NWG): Keeping Children Safe in Sport

NHS Child Protection - Information Sharing Newsletter