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Information for professionals working with children who harm other children

The TWSCB has a thematic sub-group for children harming children. The group is chaired by Jo Britton (Assistant Director for Childrens Safeguarding & Specialist Services, Telford & Wrekin Council) and has the following key action areas:

  • To review and update procedures, pathways and support for children who harm other children (including children in care and care leavers).
  • To ensure that learning identified in case reviews, audits and other work is reviewed and areas of improvement identified and progressed within this group; including the Discretionary Serious Case Review on Jamie Reynolds.
  • To develop an inter-agency training framework to support this area of work.
  • To raise awareness of children harming children, including Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB)
  • To review how schools are involved in preventing harmful sexual behaviour
  • To raise awareness of how to keep safe online.

Please look out for further information in the TWSCB newsletters.

Useful links:

Identifying Sexual Behaviours

(Brookes Traffic light Tool)

This innovative resource helps professionals who work with children and young people to identify, assess and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours. It uses a 'traffic light tool' to categorise sexual behaviours, to increase understanding of healthy sexual development and distinguish this from harmful behaviour.

By identifying sexual behaviours as GREEN, AMBER or RED, professionals across different agencies can work to the same criteria when making decisions and protect children and young people with a unified approach.

This resource has been designed to help professionals think through their decisions and does not replace organisational procedures or assessment frameworks.

NSPCC/RIP Harmful Sexual Behaviour Framework

During 2015/16 the TWSCB were involved in the NSPCC/RIP Harmful Sexual Behaviour Pilot.  This has resulted in the national publication of the framework and locally has aided in the development of the TWSCB's Children Harming Children thematic sub-group's actions. 

Please click here for a copy of the published framework.

Multi-agency procedures

All inter-agency safeguarding child protection procedures that are agreed by Telford & Wrekin Safeguarding Children Board (TWSCB) are part of the West Mercia Consortium's procedures. Please note that you can register to be alerted for updates. 

The pathway for children harming children is currently being updated.

Inter-agency training

Please click here for a link to the current inter-agency training available.

Online Safety Resources

Please click here for further information.